The old saying things come in threes can go away. These last few weeks have been very interesting.
The building developed a leak. Guess the roofing business is booming because it was hard to find someone who would even come out to see what the job was going to be. Finally, I found someone. A week went by so I called to check only to have a shock. Willis B.'s children were the ones in the accident on 101. My prayers go out to the family as they deal with such a blow.
Checking the roof we found the gutters were growing lovely gardens!  Back to the phone book. Yes, Al could do the job but, let the people who are insured and bonded do the work. I try to keep tools and ladders away from hubby. Check your gutters before winter to prevent ice jams and interior damage.
On to another chore, paperwork! Yuk. Checking one credit card I noticed a "fee" twice. Reviewing the account I found two small charges that I know I didn't make. The fee was like for exchange rates. The charges were from China! Call to the company to report these charges. They canceled the card and are sending a new one. Meanwhile, no card!  So check your accounts for small charges like under $50 and any 'fees'
Annual Doctor appointment came up with nothing new.. the usual reprimand LOOSE WEIGHT!
Row by Row is progressing nicely. Lots of people stopping as they come and go from the Shipshewana  Quilt Festival.

Row by Row begins today June 21st.
Go to to get details. Click on the 'start here' button and you will see the license plates of all the states and provinces that have shops participating this year. Click on Indiana for all the shops to visit. This year the theme is Water! So come Quilt at 3 rivers!