Boy looking at the calendar I have been lost. Starting in May I have be on the road constantly. Big Rapids, Lima, Dayton, Marion and Kokomo! Taking supplies to the shows is hard work and at times laughable. We never know what will be a hit and if we have enough of it. The tumbler ruler and Circle ruler are the latest big hit. Fun fast projects can be made with both of them.Both are great to use up scraps/fat quarters.  Add in my trip to DC to demonstrate quilting at the Mall with Traditonal Arts of Indiana and Sisters of the Cloth. Yes, we experienced a wonderful time dispite the heat and the storm. Our hotel did not loose power but 100 degrees in a tent was taxing. The shop had some minor shingle and siding damage. Hope you survived the storm.
I am currently in Boston. We have an offer on Mom's house, the tenant happened to be moving out and Al's family gathering happened to be scheduled this same weekend. Meeting with the lawyers, getting keys to the right people and more takes time. Sister Cheryl is coming down from Vermont to help clean the house. Latest on Mom is she has had a long talk with Robert Frost...took a tumble and brused her wrist but that appears to be healing well. Plans are to take her to the Textile Museum in Lowell on Sunday.
Have a great day