Time does pass quickly. I was just in Boston to attend my husband's 50th class reunion...from Boston University School of Engineering. The time was fun and very interesting. Work is being done on an artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes. Fascinating work and a wonder for all those in need of regulating their bodies. One story was about one of the children at the special trial camp that got so emotional when it was time to remove the mechanical devise they had to chase him. You see he had spent a week without having to think about taking his insulin levels and injecting himself--in other words freedom.  Understanding the philosophy of the school of what can we do to better the world has caused a flood of applications to the school.
The weekend before this, my husband attend with me the American Quilt Study Group meeting in Milwaukee. I again was overwhelmed with the exhibits and research this group does. Four papers were presented on various topics related to quilting. There was an exhibit were members used Civil War quilts as inspiration (obtaining permission). 25 of these will be in a traveling exhibit. Check out the web site. The information you receive is worth the membership fee. Next year the annual meeting will be in Indianapolis,hosted by the local group known as the Midwest Study Group.
Reservations have been made for my trip to Houston for market the end of October and the November meeting of the Midwest Study Group in Shipshewana. Then I hope to be home for the rest of the Holidays.
I am very thankful for Evelyn and Lee who are covering the shop when I am away.
What fun the summer has been and have you checked out our winner of the Row by Row experience on Facebook?
Harvest Hop is coming up September 24th thru September 27th! yes, this is a little earlier than in the past. Only 6 shops. Come see what silly things are happening at the six silly sisters shops. Now say that fast.
Kids are back in school and the weather is getting cooler. Now is the time to get some quick quilts made. Hate to think the past winter could be a repeat. Lower the thermostat and cuddle under a blizzard quilt.