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Our Row By Row winner: Jennifer Hope of Fort Wayne Indiana.
Hope all those still working on their collection have as much fun as we have been having meeting so many new people from around the country and Canada.

Our row is the next to the bottom in Jennifer's quilt. There is the Fort and the three Rivers--St. Joe, St. Mary's and Maumee...

<![CDATA[Summer?]]>Sun, 12 Jul 2015 22:14:29 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/summer2Is it summer? I will have to imagine the warm sunny days and ignore the rain. Looks like the leak in the roof is fixed (crossed fingers). The next weeks will be filled with travel. The shop will be open except July 25th.*
July 16th-18th is Quilters Hall of Fame. The induction of Kim Diel, quilt exhibits at the Library and Marie Webster house are all part of the celebration. Don't forget there are classes and exhibits at the church. Check out the website. quiltershalloffame.net
July 24th-25th is the One Stop Shop Hop in Kokomo. Come on down and check out the races--look for the glowing bracelets (hint).
Summer hours are Tuesday-Friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00
*Note: July 25th the shop will be closed so you and all the gang can come down to the Kokomo show. 
<![CDATA[Things come in Threes?]]>Fri, 26 Jun 2015 19:34:50 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/things-come-in-threesThe old saying things come in threes can go away. These last few weeks have been very interesting.
The building developed a leak. Guess the roofing business is booming because it was hard to find someone who would even come out to see what the job was going to be. Finally, I found someone. A week went by so I called to check only to have a shock. Willis B.'s children were the ones in the accident on 101. My prayers go out to the family as they deal with such a blow.
Checking the roof we found the gutters were growing lovely gardens!  Back to the phone book. Yes, Al could do the job but, let the people who are insured and bonded do the work. I try to keep tools and ladders away from hubby. Check your gutters before winter to prevent ice jams and interior damage.
On to another chore, paperwork! Yuk. Checking one credit card I noticed a "fee" twice. Reviewing the account I found two small charges that I know I didn't make. The fee was like for exchange rates. The charges were from China! Call to the company to report these charges. They canceled the card and are sending a new one. Meanwhile, no card!  So check your accounts for small charges like under $50 and any 'fees'
Annual Doctor appointment came up with nothing new.. the usual reprimand LOOSE WEIGHT!
Row by Row is progressing nicely. Lots of people stopping as they come and go from the Shipshewana  Quilt Festival.

<![CDATA[Row by Row ]]>Mon, 22 Jun 2015 00:58:32 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/row-by-rowRow by Row begins today June 21st.
Go to www.rowbyrowexperience.com to get details. Click on the 'start here' button and you will see the license plates of all the states and provinces that have shops participating this year. Click on Indiana for all the shops to visit. This year the theme is Water! So come Quilt at 3 rivers! 
<![CDATA[Winter wonderland]]>Mon, 12 Jan 2015 15:27:54 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/winter-wonderlandTime flies until you get stuck at home due to the weather. These last weeks are one for the record books. As I look out the shop windows the winter wonderland is a picture postcard. Hubby dropped me off at the shop while he goes to get the speedometer fixed on the van. With the new year underway there are lots of changes in the shop. New fabric, new patterns, books and notions.  We are still working to provide an up to date website that is easier for you to find what you need.
Row by Row Experience is coming again this summer. We had lots of fun meeting new people as they traveled during the summer. This year all 50 states and many Provinces in Canada are participating. Starting June 21st  until September 8th..Check out the website for states you may travel thru for shops that are participating.. each shop has a free pattern you collect. The object is to collect at least 8 patterns/kits, make your quilt, quilt and bind it. The first person to a shop with a completed quilt collects 25 fat quarters!  Some shops will also have fabric license plates for sale. Last year one customer traveled west to east and back. By the time she came to our shop she had collected nearly 70 license plates! Go to rowbyrowexperience.com click on the start here button..plates from each state appear...click on your home state or one you will be traveling thru to see the list of shops participating and plan your travel. I hear 'Road Trip' echoing around the country!
Check out the 6 month block of the month quilts starting soon.  Aunt Grace Simpler Sampler, Garden Tea party...The shop will also be doing Circle of Life in Batiks and Quiltworx  paper piecing patterns.
<![CDATA[Food Bank Drive]]>Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:12:03 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/food-bank-driveThis is the time for the annual Food Bank drive. Bring in a donation and get a free fat quarter. Drop off your donation between now and December 20th. Word is there will be an increase in clients the food bank will be serving this year. Thank  you in advance for your donations.
<![CDATA[Houston market continued]]>Wed, 12 Nov 2014 16:09:15 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/houston-market-continuedOn to Texas...via the Mark Twain State park. Long winding roads and the trees in their full fall colors helped relax both of us. Al and I arrived Thursday night, had a "light" dinner at the BBQ next to the hotel. Up bright and early in the morning and off to the convention center. Friday is what is called School house-15/30 minute sessions with pattern designers, fabric, thread, and 'gadget' companies. Al went to all the 'techie' sessions and I had the delight of drooling over the many new lines of fabric coming out. We broke for dinner at the adjoining hotel. Meeting up with Mary from Bluffton as she was leaving, so she joined us at the table. Mary went off to her room and Al and I headed back to the convention center for Sample Spree.  Ten pm found us loaded down with purchases as we headed to the car. Saturday the market opened and the wild crazy Sandi and Al tried to get to as many vendors as possible between appointments with fabric companies. Too many too little time. Come to the shop and check out what is coming....Downton Abbey, Because of the Brave, Aunt Grace, Jo Morton and more...sign up for the blocks of the month programs
(only 6 months each) Dinner Saturday night was provided by Moda at the baseball field. Watch for the rest of the story...
<![CDATA[Quilt Study Group and Houston Market]]>Sat, 08 Nov 2014 17:45:44 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/quilt-study-group-and-houston-marketBurning up the road these last few months, now time to catch up. I will start from the most current and work backward.
Houston Market 2014
The trip started out in the most delightful weather we have had in a long time. The trees were at  peak fall colors. Our first stop was in Salem Mo. to visit with Chris and Shirley M., friends from scouting. We, my husband and I were glad we stopped. Shirley is in early stage of "forgetful". Chris, as with any caregiver can always appreciate a little diversion and or help to relieve the stress of the situation. He is giving up on raising Mules...if you want one call.  Dinner at a local 'watering-hole', lots of recalling of scouting events filled the evening. Oh, the homemade chips are to die for!  Off in the morning to meet up with Carol's husband to drop off a van full of yarn. They run a charity in Houston Mo. that had made contact with Alana. Alana and I had moved the yarn from Shirley A's  Fort Wayne home as we helped her family get her home ready for sale. Both Salem and Houston Mo. seem to be behind in economic recovery. Rolling hills with fall colors dotting the forest delighted the eye as we wove our way out of Missouri via the Mark Twain state park.  I can see why motorcycle riders would love the winding roads and views.  Time did not allow for stopping at quilt shops or antique shops...oh poo...reason to go back!  Houston Texas here we come....
<![CDATA[Out on the road]]>Mon, 22 Sep 2014 01:18:08 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/out-on-the-roadTime does pass quickly. I was just in Boston to attend my husband's 50th class reunion...from Boston University School of Engineering. The time was fun and very interesting. Work is being done on an artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes. Fascinating work and a wonder for all those in need of regulating their bodies. One story was about one of the children at the special trial camp that got so emotional when it was time to remove the mechanical devise they had to chase him. You see he had spent a week without having to think about taking his insulin levels and injecting himself--in other words freedom.  Understanding the philosophy of the school of what can we do to better the world has caused a flood of applications to the school.
The weekend before this, my husband attend with me the American Quilt Study Group meeting in Milwaukee. I again was overwhelmed with the exhibits and research this group does. Four papers were presented on various topics related to quilting. There was an exhibit were members used Civil War quilts as inspiration (obtaining permission). 25 of these will be in a traveling exhibit. Check out the web site. The information you receive is worth the membership fee. Next year the annual meeting will be in Indianapolis,hosted by the local group known as the Midwest Study Group.
Reservations have been made for my trip to Houston for market the end of October and the November meeting of the Midwest Study Group in Shipshewana. Then I hope to be home for the rest of the Holidays.
I am very thankful for Evelyn and Lee who are covering the shop when I am away.
<![CDATA[Harvest Hop]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 20:05:55 GMThttp://quiltofmanycolors.com/news-from-the-shop/harvest-hop1What fun the summer has been and have you checked out our winner of the Row by Row experience on Facebook?
Harvest Hop is coming up September 24th thru September 27th! yes, this is a little earlier than in the past. Only 6 shops. Come see what silly things are happening at the six silly sisters shops. Now say that fast.
Kids are back in school and the weather is getting cooler. Now is the time to get some quick quilts made. Hate to think the past winter could be a repeat. Lower the thermostat and cuddle under a blizzard quilt.