Time to settle into the football games. This is a great time to do some handwork, get those bindings done. The weekend has been dampened by the weather but for all of us quilters it has provided some time to plan, pick fabrics, and possibly cut out the pieces for our next project. My biggest problem is I get into my books and patterns and start picking projects or reading some of the history and before I know it hubby is asking if I plan on going to bed.
OOps,the email I sent out had a problem connecting to the web site. Paste our web site into your favorites to avoid this again.
I am playing with the soft colors of spring and the primary bright colors which seems to be helping my mood.  Gray overcast days are the worst for me. Let a little sunshine in via your fabric.
The Fat Quarters are on special, pick your bundle of 10 for $20. 
Well now I have seen everything-football players going around singing! Time to go back to the sewing room til the game resumes.
See ya soon


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