Well, we have had the first 'delay' in opening the shop. Thursday I was chicken to come out on the ice.  Once you break a leg you get a little over cautious. Just a reminder that if the weather is delaying or closing schools please call the shop first before venturing out.  Deb and I preferr not to
 venture out and be a target for the other drivers. Weather permitting either of us will try to make it in as soon as the roads are cleared. The shop is located in the East Allen School/Leo  area for any public notices. Call first if you have questions.
Today was the second session of Evelyn's Quilt as you go Log cabin. What a chatty group but productive!  Watch the calendar for the next class soon.
Anyone interested in the new Eleanor Burns book Tales of Wives? If so I am interested in it as a block of the month. Call and  sign up.



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Today was the second session of Evelyn's Quilt as you go Log cabin. What a chatty group but productive! Watch the calendar for the next class soon.

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