Back here at the shop. The month of May will be busy and exciting.  Deb and I will be talking at the Appleseed Guild meeting on May 2nd, this may be the comdy of the year. Then there will be a book signing reception for Marie Bostwick on May 3rd 6:00-8:00pm. With this weather it looks like we will have coffee and Tea instead of lemonade. Stop in and hear Marie's story and check out her books. May 10 and 11th Al and I will be vending up in Big Rapids, Michigan. Mother's Day May 13th (so come get one of Marie's Books as a gift). Cathie Phillips will be doing her class on the Kanzashi Flower pin May 19th. There are only a couple of seats still available, so call and register. Check out the calendar for addtional classes. The last weekend in May I may be in DC doing a Quilting Demonstration, details pending. Right now there is a bang bang bang going on here at the shop, we are replacing the stairs to the apartment upstairs.
Too much to tell about the trip East. Lots to do and see and not enough time. Had to put Mom's house on the market. She still thinks her social security is paying for her assisted living apartment.  Went to a gallery opening in Providence, RI where my sister Cheryl had been juried into the show.  She sold one of her pieces to a Federal judge!  My two sisters, my daughter Barb and I had dinner together.This was a rare opportunity to coordinte 4 schedules.
See you soon'


03/19/2015 05:10

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