I am ready for spring but mother nature keeps hitting me in the head, kind of like the V8 commercials. My mother's 90th birthday was at the end of January, so off to Boston I went. Mom said " I was born in 1923 and am 88 years old". We celebrated her 2nd anniversary of her 88th with smiles. Travel back to Indiana was an adventure. Rain, snow, sleet, ice and fog was experienced all in one day. Returning to the shop,  I am getting caught up on making kits for the upcoming Blocks and Kits of the Month. Come in and check out the samples and sign up now.  Visit the shop on Feb. 14th wearing red and receive a special discount. 
To stave off the winter dulldrums I whipped up Chunky Halves in bright sherbert colors, this is a quick and easy pattern using 8 half yards. Evelyn did one more scrappy and with smaller sized squares. Stop in and compare the two.
Reminder--if schools are closed or delayed call the shop to see if we have made it to the shop, before venturing out.


melinda capozza
03/29/2015 11:01

Evelyn was wonderful,teaching us the Feathered Star.My daughter already put dibs on mine.If it ever gets finished,the label will say "Never Again".

01/03/2017 08:01

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